Hi All… my name’s Doug,

A few years ago I had the idea to make the automobile Cross Emblems. I had seen many beautiful fish and other faith emblems affixed to vehicles, and I thought to myself… how about a cross emblem? It’s no Noah’s Ark, but it might as well have been since I had no idea where to start. In fact after being in construction for over thirty years I might have had a better chance figuring out how to build an Ark.

Designing the cross was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. There’s thousands upon thousands of different cross designs and hundreds of new designs I could have come up with, but I decided to keep it more on the basic side. Not just to make it easier on the manufacturer and myself, but to look appealing and great wherever it would be displayed. Since I was hopeful that a lot of them would be affixed to automobiles, spreading the word of God where ever they drive or are parked (which is my main objective for making them) I focused on the straight, smooth, streamlined lines of auto trim, with a soft rounded bull nose at the ends.

The dimensions of these Cross Emblems also has a story. Undecided on exactly what size and shape to make them, I went round and round with many different size options. After making several different sized paper cut outs and sticking them to my truck, I temporarily settled on approximately. 4” x 3”… There’s more to it though. At the church I attended, our Pastor always talks of how the Lord works in threes… the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… the Old Testament, the New Testament and the next coming of Christ, etc., etc. Many times while out jogging, driving or anywhere, the Lord would help me decide on the final dimensions of 3 and 3/4” in height, 3 and 3/16” wide, 3 and 3/16” thick, with the top portion and each side of the cross 1 and ¼”… all 1/3 of the total height of the cross. As I took it step by step with the Lords help the whole puzzle came together… design, manufacturing, packaging, display racks, sales, even down to writing this letter.

I hope you enjoy your new Cross Emblem, along with sharing and expressing your deep faith of our Lord to the world.

God Bless.